Design and implementation of cooling towers
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Composite wrap
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CIPP Lining Process
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Company Description

The COMSGH has started its activity in the field of design and manufacture fiberglass products and composite coatings since 2015, relying on our experienced professionals, we offer many products and services to various industries, including:

1- Composite wrap on pipes and tanks

2- CIPP method

3- Reconstruction of cooling towers

4- Design and produce fan stacks

5- GRP pipe and tank COMSGH is able to design and produce your structural products with extraordinary composite materials without any restrictions, Also, our products and services are covered by insurance and thus guarantee our services and durability for decades There is nothing that cannot be done with composite.

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Cipp Lining Process

Why Cipp ?

Essentially, if a city has leaky corroded falling apart sewer and storm drains (which is pretty much every city), then there are two options. Shut down the street, dig up the pipes, and replace with new ones. Or, do a CIPP process.

What is Cipp ?

Cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) is a trenchless (or no-dig) pipeline rehabilitation process involving a textile liner tube and liquid resin combination. Once this is accomplished, the liner is inserted into the host pipe and cures to a hard state, forming a new, seamless pipe within a pipe.


Composite wrap

We offer various composite repair solutions to ensure the repair of pipes, tanks, leaks under pressure, flange repairs and structural repairs.

Procedure :

• Compliance with ASME PCC2 and ISO 24817 reference standards

• Analysis with ABAQUSE & NASTRAN software

• Design and selection of raw materials, torsion angle and thickness calculation • Execution of composite coating operations

• Monitoring and inspection during the process

• Safety, health and environmental management during the process


Repair of Worn Metal Pipes and Tanks by Composite Coating Method

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